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May 2017

Robotics Lesson, by Funari

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Alright, each week of the hiatus I’m going to make sure to post SOMETHING at least each Monday, along with an update of our plans :)

First, this guest art, by Funari, creator of the urban-fantasyish comic Raison d’Etre. Click the banner below ;)

RaisonDeTre banner

Second, I’ve ordered some proofs of the Chapters 1-3 printed volume from KaBlam, which should get here by next week! Then I can take pictures and incorporate it into the video for the Kickstarter :)

Third, Nick is hopefully almost done with his move, and will get working on updating the website (hint hint nudge nudge when you see this) ;)

Fourth, still accepting (pleading for) additional guest content we can share. Art, poems, fanfics, you name it :)

  • BlackMethos

    That looks very nice.
    Great artwork and just a nice image seeing Lily be happy :)

  • Joel Joseph

    Nice to see Lily happy. She always wears that scarf. Is it to hide her scars?

    • ;)

      • Joel Joseph

        I’m reading your webcomic on Comic Rocket, where I follow all my favorite titles and can see what other readers are following them, too. By clicking on their profiles, I can also see what titles they’re following. There’s a profile of a Sarah Sharp. Is she a relative?

        • Not to my knowledge? Perhaps distantly? XD

          • Honza Prchal

            And now, if Daniel is anything like me, he’ll get word from an aunt upset that he doesn’t remember her lovely daughter … Eek.

          • Heh. In my family, I’m the genealogy guru, so not likely ;)

            Although I do have a slight desire to contact random Sharp’s sometimes and see if we’re related from the same family, it’s a relatively common British surname with multiple immigrant lines to the US.

          • Honza Prchal

            Well, that’s a relief.
            Any relation to the famous British rifleman? If so, beware. “‘allo, Sharpie.”, some hideous sergeant might croon, malevolently.

  • Matt [in Middletown]

    The Machine Song must be heard.
    Vote for DA at Topwebcomics.

    • Delta-v

      Yeah, and to make matters worse, they fixed the double voting exploit, so it’s all-hands-on-deck. The Demon Archives has slipped into the 300’s. O.o

      Please help!