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Oct 2012

Scientists can synthesize gasoline from CO2 and H2O

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So apparently some British scientists figured out a way to make gas from CO2 and H2O.

The article talks it up big, saying that it:

promises to solve the energy crisis as well as helping to curb global warming by removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

That’s kind of ridiculous.  You remove some CO2 only to burn it later and turn it back into CO2 again?  Not really helping.  Not to mention the fact that it takes more energy to produce the synthetic fuel then you get out of it.

The best application I see for this is actually mentioned by the article:

The technology is also ideal for remote communities that have abundant sources of renewable electricity, such solar energy, wind turbines or wave energy, but little in the way of storing it.

Basically, if you have a ton of renewable energy but don’t like to or can’t store it in batteries, you could store that energy in liquid form as gasoline.  I don’t think we currently have the problem of having more renewable energy than we know what to do with, but if we ever do, then this might be useful.

Exclusive: Pioneering scientists turn fresh air into petrol in massive boost in fight against energy crisis – Home News – UK – The Independent.