Apr 2019

SpiderForest Yemen Charity Zine

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Hey everybody!

Got an important thing to share, and a chance for you to see some great art of our characters as well as a TON of other comic art.

We participated in a fundraising drive for the Word Food Program USA to support the Yemen Humanitarian Crisis. I commissioned a super cute art piece of Lily, Janebot and Indira playing together to submit to the collection (over 50 illustrations), which you can get for any size donation.

Please donate!

  • Honza Prchal

    You’ve done your research. There are “charities” that support the chaps who deliberately use the food to maintain control over the locals who created the famine situation in the first place by, for example, keeping Houdeidah militarized, or demanding child soliders before allowing the UN to go into villages in Houthi territory.