Nov 2013

Minerva: Chapter Zero – Prologue

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Gotta start out with an inspirational quote.

EDIT:  I should probably add some more text here since it is the first page a lot of readers will see.

Welcome to The Demon Archives!  In case you didn’t know, we’re a post-apocalyptic, sci-fi, military-warfare graphic novel (too many hyphens!), dabbling in topics such as the singularity, the nature of humanity, intelligence, and self identity.  Due to the nature of the comic, there will be violence, and occasional language, but we’re working hard to keep it PG-13.

The next several pages are an introductory prologue to the world of The Demon Archives to give you the context for the larger story that starts with Chapter 1.  We hope you enjoy, and will let us know what you think :D

EDIT 2: New intro page! Click back one to see!

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