Sep 2016

Chapter 11: Page 1 – Patiently Waiting

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New page! Angeline is the patient-est. And did you see the guest art and comic review we posted since Monday?

SpiderForest (the comic collective we’re part of) accepted some new members recently, check them out!

Vanguard: The story of a team of genetically enhanced meta-humans employed by the British government to protect the nation’s interests, at home and abroad.

The Tale of Jasper Gold: When settled rancher Jasper Gold’s bounty hunting past catches up with him, Jasper must take up his gun once again to track down a gang of criminals as he searches for his lost daughter.

Sons of the Forgotten: The story of Erric, who follows in the steps of his grandfather to become the greatest hero ever seen.

Bruno Harm: Bruno Harm is getting old, he’s getting fat, but he’s still getting the bad guys, and having a laugh in the process!

Seamus and Abbie (NSFW): Seamus is proof of the struggle of a good man with a bad attitude going through trying times with a dreary cat on his shoulder.

Monsterous Mimi: Mimi is normal, very normal.

Culture Shock: In the middle of a modern city, a Japanese ninja and a medieval knight are forced to share an apartment together.

Mailbox Rocketship: Heroes, wizards, aliens, and death himself. Keith’s life just got interesting.

Moon Gone Dark: The Wayfarer of the Nights follows an unknown path through the ages and the dreams of everything which anyone can dream.

Chronicles of Oro: A gang of teenagers wants to fight a zombie dragon with hand-me-down jewelry.

Storm and Desire (NSFW): Together, three women set out to learn the secret history of the multiverse.

XII: Of Magic and Muses: Hear the call. Accept the task. Unite.

White Noise: Characters engineered to be super soldiers band together to fight an alien invasion.


All quite good. I feel like you might especially enjoy Culture Shock, Vanguard, and White Noise :)

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Sep 2016

Minerva: Chapter Eleven – Conspiracies

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Alright, we’re back and loading up Chapter 11.  We posted a fair amount of commisioned guest art and etc during the hiatus. I’ll put together an “Intermission Summary” today, sticking it previous to this one, linking to all the things.

Speaking of commissions, It’s been a while since I’ve directly plugged and pleaded for financial support. Making a comic is expensive, especially when you have no art skills of your own XD Any financial support any reader can provide, whether as a recurring pledge on Patreon or a one time donation via PayPal, goes into my Comic Fund, to commission art, music, guest writers, and pay for advertising. I’m prepping a Kickstarter (Printed volume of Chapters 1-3!), and it would be nice to be able to pay someone with video editing skill too.

Hmm, I should make one of those donation tracker things to show what we’re raising it for.  Now just to commission someone with art skills to make it for me XD

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