Mar 2014

Chapter 3: Page 16 – Black Out

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Ok, this page is actually the end of Chapter 3.  Commence/continue speculation ;)

There will be a piece of intermission art on Thursday, with Chapter 4 beginning on Monday.

As always, please please help us win this TWC contest for adspace, interview and etc.  Follow this link, and then drag the image to the box and click vote.  You can vote every day for each IP address you have access to.

Also, I wrote a blog post yesterday about our new Official/Unofficial theme song and the Webcomic Underdogs Anthology :D

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Mar 2014

Chapter 3: Page 15 – Hold On

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So glad we’ve finally got to this page!  I feel like it answers a lot of the questions and concerns readers have been having and we’ve been trying so hard not to ruin!  Well, at least some of them ;)

Anyways, does it come across how Tenzin is moving, or do I need to clarify that?

Also, next Monday will be the last page of Chapter 3, and then we’ll be starting Chapter 4 :D

And of course, my final plug (because Nick still doesn’t have time to make the fancy buttons below the page) for TWC voting and contest voting and Patreon.  None of you suggested anybody I should patronize (patronate?), so I just picked some people I know, read and like.  You should check them out too!

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Mar 2014

Chapter 3: Page 14 – Watchful Eye

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The End…

Just kidding!  I know the previous page was already something of a cliffhanger, and that this doesn’t really help either, but remember that we are planning this out to be a powerful graphic novel in print form, where you can flip pages as quickly as you want.  We needed this splash page to focus on this event, these emotions that many of you are feeling.  On Thursday, things will happen.  You’ll like it.  So check back then, or just pledge on Patreon to see the next two pages right now ;)

Speaking of Patreon, we just reached $50 a month in pledges!  That’s so awesome!  Thanks to those of you who have been willing to support us in this.  This little extra fund will allow us to give Seba deserved bonuses, pay him to do extra artwork, as well as allow us to maybe advertise a little in some places, and reinvest into the community via Patreon, Kickstarter/Indiegogo and the like.

Also, remember to vote and help us win a contest for free publicity (we’re currently in the lead but #2 is creeping up fast!).  You can do so on each once a day per IP address you have access to.

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Mar 2014

Chapter 3: Page 13 – Override

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Okay, here’s the first of the pages Nick feared would cause an angry riot.  I, however, hope that you all will trust us that everything happening is important to the story, and that in the end you won’t be disappointed.  So please don’t throw any rocks or revolt or anything ;)

Anyways, assuming you still like us and are looking forward to how this all turns out, don’t forget to vote for us and help us win a contest :)  [Nick, I really could use some space for a little widget beneath each page to place buttons for those].  And if you just can’t handle the suspense of waiting for the next two pages, $5 Patrons get to see them 1 week early over on our Patreon ;)  Yeah, once Nick makes buttons I won’t plug those as often.


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Mar 2014

Chapter 3: Page 12 – Not Dead Yet

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Duhn duhn duhn!

So some of you totally called this.  Hopefully that doesn’t make it lame.

Thought I’d let you know that Chapter 3 ends with page 16, and then we’ll start right up with Chapter 4, which features a couple of guest artists :)

Some of you have seen the next couple of pages via the Patreon offer, so don’t spoil anything.  I’m being very good and careful to not spoil what happens myself.  See, I just tried to write something else and had to redact it because it would have ruined it.  And again, had to redact another sentence.  You’ll like the story, even if right now you’re sad.  It won’t always be sad.

There, I think I can say that much ;)

As always, remember to vote for us and even help us win a contest (just click this link) :D

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