Mar 2014

Chapter 3: Page 11 – Seething

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Poor, poor sad/angry/gonna have really bad PTSD Tenzin.

BTW, does anyone have any applicable knowledge/experience with guilt/PTSD/therapy they might be willing to share with me?  I want to be able to do it justice in later chapters, and would appreciate someone who I could talk to about it.  Let me know.

Remember to vote! ;)  Also remember that if the suspense is killing you and you want to find out what is happening sooner, the $5+ pledge tier on Patreon gets access to pages 1 week before they post here.  That’s 2 pages ahead ;)

EDIT:  Want to help us win a contest?  Visit TWC’s blog via our exclusive link!  Based on the number of people who visit, we can win free ad space, an awesome review, etc.  So please, click this link at least once :D

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Mar 2014

Chapter 3: Page 10 – Silence

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Happy Monday all!

Well, sad Monday for Tenzin if you consider the content of this page :(  There’s not much action on this page, but it’s important to show the emotional moments too.  Plus, the next couple of pages will have some good action for you ;)

We’ve started March, which seems crazy (wasn’t it just barely Christmas?).  Patreon has been a success so far.  I got over $20 donated to help us pay Seba! That’s pretty nifty.  Thanks to those of you who pledged.  Everyone else, if you’d be willing to pledge at all, it will really help support us in paying Seba (and maybe someday, ourselves!), and you’ll get cool bonuses and stuff.  Come on, current Patrons.  Tell the people what sort of cool stuff I give you :D

Also a big thanks to those of you who’ve been voting for us over on TopWebComics.  We’re in the top 100 again, so far, meaning that we’ve been drawing in a lot of traffic this month to date.  Nick is really busy with a hectic move, but when that settles down I’ll bother him about getting a permanent button to both TWC and Patreon on every page (as some of you suggested).  Until then, there are buttons to both on the main page that I was able to figure out.

Let me know your thoughts!  And as always, feel free to try bartering skills for MCs ;)

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Feb 2014

Chapter 3: Page 9 – My Captain?

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Happy Thursday, everyone!

In case you didn’t see my post about it already, we got another review!  It’s a little long, has more of a humorous tone, and points out some problems we noticed about the comic early on and have been trying to improve.  Please leave us your thoughts on the critique and some questions I had in regards to it over on that post.

Also, March is fast approaching.  A new month means a new chance to try for a higher rank on TopWebComics.com, which means more readers, and maybe someday more money for us to pay Seba with :)  So if you like us and can click a couple of links, click on over and vote for us.  You can vote for every comic once per day per IP address.  I’m bugging Nick about making a button for each comic page to make it easy for those of you who’d like to vote.  For now, I’ll probably just bother you about it in these author notes ;)

Another fun fact, reader Jason Clayton is working in one of his classes to make a 3D printed model of Tenzin and the Deathbot!  Nifty!  And Nate the Robot studied (of all things) electrical engineering/robotics in school, so I can run robot and AI ideas by him, just like Amberlight can check my Russian ;)  Anyone else have any fun skills or anything they want to bring to the table?  I’ll give you Minerva Credits (redeemable for cred, maybe even some swag)  :D

And lastly, I’m reaffirming my decision to not spoil how things go down.  I really can neither confirm or deny anything, because it would ruin what we are trying to make you feel and experience as you read the comic.  Sorry!

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Feb 2014

Chapter 3: Pages 7 & 8 – Death to the Deathbot

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Happy Monday all!

This page is a double page spread, but the file made WordPress unhappy.  So it’s smaller then I would like.  But since it’s such a beautiful page, I’ll probably make it a high-res download available over on our Patreon account for pledgers ;)  So far, btw, people have pledge a total of $23 a month towards the DA!  That’s pretty nifty!  I mean, it’s not anywhere close to costs yet, but still pretty nifty.  I can save that up to pay Seba for wallpapers and other goodies :D

I’d really like to hear what you all think of this page.  I have to be pretty mum for the next several pages in order to not ruin anything, but you all can speculate away.

While you’re at it, did you hear that we got another awesome review and a comic cameo?  You should check them out.  Also, I’m uploading a new vote incentive today for TWC (the site where reader Delta-v keeps pleading for your votes), so check it out :)

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Feb 2014

Chapter 3: Page 6 – Shaky Aim

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And another update.

Many thanks again to commenter Amberlight for the help improving Viktor’s Russian.  1000 DA credits to whoever (not Amberlight) can figure out what Viktor is saying.  I’ll give you a hint, it isn’t very nice, so use your ***’s wisely when you post the translation ;)

patreonlogoIn case you didn’t guess, we made a Patreon!  I previously made a blog post about it, but you can just click to it directly via the image above.  Basically, you can subscribe and pledge $$ to get bonus content: wallpapers, pages the week before they post here, and other goodies (help me come up with some!).  Thanks to Marius and Delta-v, our first two Patrons :)

In fact, I don’t know if you all remember Delta-v’s guesses way back in the comment section of two pages from Chapter 2, but he predicted that the source of death from above would be “Naked Amazons from Mars.”  Well, since that was so hilarious, Seba has made a drawing of them (practicing his traditional pencils and inking, no less), available for view over on our Patreon page.

Yes, I know I’m sneaky.  But you don’t have to pledge to see this one, just click over and look at our page and consider pledging :)


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