Feb 2014

Chapter 3: Page 5 – Grumpy Face

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Happy Monday all!

Many thanks again to our dear reader Amberlight for correcting our Russian on the next page and on a couple of pages coming up.  We really appreciate it.  Does anyone else know any languages they might be speaking in our story?  Chinese (both types), Indian languages, Arabic, French, anything other than English or Spanish really (we have those covered)?  If so, shoot me an email (dan at demonarchives dot com) if you are willing to help me when I want a Bilingual Bonus, or for potentially helping translate pages into other languages so we can have a multilingual site.

Also a question for you all.  Have you heard of Patreon?  It’s like a crowdfunding subscription service for content, that a lot of comic creators I know have started using as a fundraising site, offering incentives and early page releases and stuff in exchange for $$ “subscriptions” to the comic.  What do you guys think about that?  Good/bad/interesting idea?  Would you be willing to subscribe to the tune of $1 a page/a month to get a page a day/week early, or for exclusive behind the scenes sketches or bonus wallpapers or something?  Let us know below.

As always, if you are willing, like, share, and vote for us :)

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Feb 2014

Chapter 3: Page 4 – The Only Way

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I absolutely love how well Seba conveyed the power/emotions in this sequence (including previous and next couple pages), especially with Viktor and Tenzin’s relationship.

1000 Minerva credits to whoever can figure out what my transliterated Russian is supposed to say :D

Also, I feel like our dear reader Delta-v has got the pleading for votes thing down, so just see his comments on why we would love you to support us on TWC.

EDIT:  Updated with more correct Russian thanks to our favorite Russian reader, Amberlight.

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Feb 2014

Chapter 3: Page 3 – Lock Down

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Happy Monday all!

A new week means a new page!  Some of you were making guesses about how Tenzin would or should react to Viktor and Jane’s rebuttal of his plan.  Well, were you right?

Over the weekend I made a Characters page, if you’d like to check it out.  I think it looks nice.

Also, funny thing, TopWebComics.com is a little broken since yesterday.  So you probably won’t be able to vote until it gets fixed.  It also means that our # of New Visitors tanked overnight ;(

Anyways, enjoy, and as always, let us know your thoughts!

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Feb 2014

Chapter 3: Page 2 – Absolutely Not!

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Hey readers!

Hopefully the past couple of days weren’t to horribly long a wait for the next page.  A biweekly update schedule should allow us to keep our nice buffer, so we don’t have to do a long hiatus anytime in the near future.

You might have noticed a few changes around the website as Nick and I tidied some things up.  There are actual navigation buttons (even if they are still a bit ugly) above and below the comic pages for your use.  I also uploaded a link to a Map I’ve been working on.  Please check it out.

In this page, we get to see Tenzin be all noble and self-sacrificing again.  As some readers have pointed out, it’s good to see that at least some people realize he’s more useful alive ;)

Thanks for reading, and if you like what you see, like, share, but especially vote for us on TWC :)

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Feb 2014

Chapter 3: Page 1 – HUDdle Up

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Hey everybody!

Couple of things.  Remember that we are on a Monday-Thursday comic update schedule now, so like/follow/subscribe to us somehow if you want a reminder when it happens.

Also, you’ll notice a couple of changes around the site.  We’ve been meaning to make them for a while.  They include getting rid of obnoxious and redundant headers at the top of pages, removing huge “similar posts” icons at the bottom of pages, and centering and increasing the size of pages.  Let us know what you think about these, especially the last one.

Today and tomorrow Nick may also be working on improving pagination (with real First, Previous, Next, etc buttons) and making clicking on the comic page advance you to the next page.  So keep an eye on it and let us know what you think of the changes.

I know we got a lot of new readers over the weekend.  As always, we’d love to hear your thoughts on the comic.


PS What do you think of a Chapter 1-3 composite title (for a 1-3 volume we’re thinking of making) of “Lot’s of Blood”?  Too cheesy?  To spoiler-y?  Let us know below.

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