Mar 2014

Minerva: Chapter Four – Nightmares

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And here we start Chapter 4.  It’s going to be a long one.  As long as Chapters 1-3, almost.  And it’s mostly done already :D

This cover art was created by Matias Basla, as were 8 of the next 9 pages.  Matias worked with us also pretty extensively at the beginning of the project, helping us design the characters and feel of the world.

Anyways, don’t look at this image too late at night, or you might have bad dreams ;)  Do let us know if/what symbolism and imagery you get from this :)

EDIT:  We ended up taking 2nd place in this (see my blog for some words about it), but still get sweet rewards.  

Now that it’s April, vote for us in the normal Top 100 ranking, and follow our unique link to the next TWC contest.  If 500 people follow our link we get some more free ad space :D

EDIT2: We commissioned a nightmare theme song! Machine Dreams:

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