Jan 2015

Chapter 5: Page 7 – Jane the Teenage AI

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Monday MONDAY Monday!  That means a new week and a new page!

Tomorrow I have to fly back home from our vacation in California.  Not looking forward to all day in airports and airplanes, but them’s the breaks.

A big reminder that we’ve been planning and playing the “Siege of Minerva” wargame, and would love some new recruits to help!  People are starting their invasions!  We could use help on Minerva’s side too :D

Please vote, and consider supporting us financially so we can keep paying Seba :)

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Jan 2015

Chapter 5: Page 6 – Defiant Software

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Happy New Years!  Have a new page :)

We wanted to thank you all for a great year.  We’ve grown a lot in 2014, from less than 200 readers a week to now over 2000 readers a week.  We started a forum wargame for the bloodthirsty of you to try your hand at invading Minerva.  We normally hang out in the Top 100 on TWC.  It’s all because of awesome people like you creating a fun commenting environment, voting for us and supporting us on Patreon and clicking on the ads we bought with Patreon money and etc.

As a thank you to all of you, I’ve put together a downloadable ebook of the prologue and Chapter 1.  It’s “pay what you want”, so as a present from us you can have it for free.  Or as a present TO us you can donate something for it ;)  Following chapters will be available to Patreon pledgers as well as at a minimum price shortly.

In 2015 we’re looking forward to printing physical copies, getting digital copies on sites like Comixology and Indyplanet, hopefully attending a con, and even running a Kickstarter!  Nick is planning an overhaul of the website/maybe a new website too.  I’m mostly looking forward to continuing to produce content to share with you all :)

Anyways, here’s to an excellent 2015!

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Dec 2014

Chapter 5: Page 5 – Impatient Jane

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Just in case for some reason no one has caught this before, Jane’s speech bubbles have a yellow background and a squarer shape, that way you can tell it’s her talking :D

Hope you all enjoy today’s page.  If you’ve been enjoying The Demon Archives, there are a couple ways you can show it and support us at the same time.  Sharing our comic on social medias, voting via the vote banner below, and, the most awesome for us, helping defray the costs of producing the comic by donating financially via Patreon or Paypal.  Not only do you get sweet rewards for pledging on Patreon, I’ve decided that every dollar will convert to 100MCs, giving you sweet discounts in the future when we have our store and merch up and running. :)

So please consider helping out!  That way Nick doesn’t get in trouble at home for using as much personal funds to pay Seba :)

EDIT: I’m creating downloadable ebook versions of the chapters, which will be available on Patreon or via a paypal donation (probably, have to figure out the coding on that first).  Extra incentive for you, if you know what I mean ;)

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Dec 2014

Chapter 5: Page 4 – Treatment Options

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Oh hey it’s Christmas!  I’m prepping this Christmas Eve, so I can enjoy Christmas morning with my family.  I hope you all have a good day, and spend it with friends and family, whether you celebrate or not :)

We got a Christmas themed Secret Santa gift that posted this week.  Check it out!

As a bonus present to you all, I made a free-to-view Tenzin Armor Schematic, posted on our Patreon.  That way you have to at least click over there to see it :P  And if you want to give us a present, you can become a Patron :D  Or maybe just a donation to our Paypal, [email protected] :D

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Dec 2014

Chapter 5: Page 3 – Rick’s Resolve

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Remember Rick?  He was totally introduced as a character back in Chapter 1 (500 MCs for the page link) before it became a “Tenzin and Deathbot” show.  I like Rick.  I’m excited for him to get to be a character… like 2+ chapters from now…

Anyways, enjoy!  And vote and stuff!  I’ll upload a new incentive reward today.  Maybe the Chapter 6 cover ;)

EDIT: We got a cameo appearance on Melaredblu’s Princess Chroma today.

Also, we realized we miss-colored Rick’s hair.  Thanks for helping us notice, Maarten :D

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