Feb 2016

Chapter 9: Page 8 – It Had To Be Tanks…

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Tenzin has… a history with tanks.  Any predictions on how he reacts to these ones? ;)

Nick is working on site re-design and build (with Seba making cool custom backgrounds and frames and whatnot).  Any requests or suggestions on functionality?  We’re already planning to rebuild the home page so that it shows the full current page on it.

Edit: Slight edit on the angle of Tenzin and the tank to make it clearer the type of hit and damage he received.

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Feb 2016

Chapter 9: Page 7 – The Neo-Russian Federation

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Uh oh, tanks.  Today’s faction brought to you largely by readers from our Russian mirror.  So bust out your Google Translate as you dive into their discussion and planning forums, and read about how this faction formed from the remnants of pre-WW3 Russia.

Question, what sort of things could I offer on Patreon that would be tempting to people?  Would people rather use our story (see top menu) and buy digital downloads (chapters, wallpapers, etc) as single purchases instead of a pledge/subscription model?

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Feb 2016

Chapter 9: Page 6 – Sons of Mohammed

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Today’s page features another faction developed by readers on the forum: ابناء محمد “The Sons of Mohammed”, an Islamic Caliphate centered in Azerbaijan.  Check them out!

Also, please consider pledging on Patreon or voting on TWC.  It’s a new month, and vote counts reset and all :)


Jan 2016

Chapter 9: Page 5 – The Turkmen

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The next faction to meet Tenzin is the Turkmen: nomadic hunters who brave the radioactive deserts of what used to be the Middle East in search of technology within the ruins they can trade and profit.  All the details on them and the readers who developed them are available to read in the forums, including why they’re invading Minerva (same is true for all the other factions.  Tons of worldbuilding I can’t include here).

Also, did you see the guest art I posted yesterday of deathbot? Well, deathbot’s HEAD.

Thanks to people who’ve been voting us up the ranks! Although with this large a jump, I suspect someone is rule-bending for us.  Be careful! It’s not worth getting in trouble XD  And thanks to all those who continue to be our Patrons. We appreciate it, and I have some ads running right now thanks to that $.

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