Jan 2016

Minerva: Chapter Nine – Resurgence

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He’s BACK, baby.  You can’t keep a good man down.  Up and at ’em.  Or something.

Also, WE’RE back.  And this chapter is going to be a lot of fun.  I’m talking FIVE PAGE SPREAD levels of fun XD  Get hyped.

Did you see all the excellent guest arts we got over our brief break?  You can see them all in the Fan Art section.

EDIT: Added a new guest art of Lily and Jane you should check out.  Also, added the next two pages up on Patreon for $2+ a month supporters :)

EDIT 2: Heyo, any science/engineering nerds who want to help crowdsource Minervan science that could become canon in-world and in-comic?  Check out this forum thread where you can suggest improvements to weapons/armor/whatever, and if I like it, I’ll use it for the comic! XD

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Sep 2015

Minerva: Chapter Eight – Penumbrae

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And we’re back!  Thanks for being patient during the hiatus.  Hopefully you got to see some of the excellent guest pages and fan art that we received, as well as some of the previews to other fine webcomics we posted.

Also, a fun even that happened during the hiatus, we got accepted into the SpiderForest webcomic collective.  A bunch of cool creators and comics over there, mutual support and advice, etc.  There will be some slight site changes (eventually, when Nick isn’t so dang busy), basically adding a banner to other SpiderForest comics you should check out :)

Thoughts on this cover?  I think Seba did a wonderful job, and I’m excited for you guys to enjoy this chapter. We’re having a lot of fun making it.  Lots of good stuff.

And conspiracy theorists, start your engines on the meaning of the Chapter title ;P

EDIT: And check out this new fan art we just got of Tenzin and Viktor!

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Jun 2015

Minerva: Chapter Seven – Many Meetings

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Alright everybody, hiatus is over ;)

I had fun doing the scavenger hunt, and hopefully some of you had fun doing it.  Tallying up the entries for those who actually entered the drawing, one contestant had a strong lead.  The random number generator agreed as well, picking him three times in a row :)  So the winner of the First Demon Archives Scavenger Hunt raffle is Maarten Spreij :D  I’ll be emailing you with your rewards.

Anyways, enjoy this chapter!  You get to meet a lot of new characters :D

Sneaky ninja edit…

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Mar 2015

Minerva: Chapter Six – Milam

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Alright, here’s the cover for Chapter 6!  The title is a big hint, if you can figure out what it means ;)

I probably will post some other fun content this week (like the new officially official Demon Archives theme song on Wednesday, and the beginnings of a short story in the DA world, Mirage!), so be sure to check back.  Page 1 of the chapter will post next week.  A little bit of a break just to help Seba stay ahead.

It’s also the start of a new month, so please, please, PLEASE vote as often as you can to help us be in the Top 100 this month :)

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Dec 2014

Minerva: Chapter Five – Daemons

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Alright here it is, Chapter 5!  I hope you enjoyed Guest Week.  You can view all the guest comics still on the Fan Art page under the “Guest Strip” tab.  Thanks again everyone who made a comic for us.  If anyone ever wants to make another, or some other fan art, I’ll always post it and link back to you, just like in guest week :D

Anyways, back to our normal schedule with Monday and Thursday comic updates, Wednesday interviews, and Comic Reviews on Fridays :)

Please don’t forget to vote, and consider pledging on Patreon to help support us as we make the comic :D

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