Jan 2017

Tenzin’s Demons, by Monolilith

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Last guest page I have, from Monolilith, creator of the webcomic Passage. Nice and dark and appropriately symbolic :)

728 80 passage banner

The plan is to launch Chapter 12 on Monday, barring anything unforseen preventing it from happening!


Jan 2017

Lock Down, by Sam Orchard

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Happy New Years, everyone!

Here’s another Secret Santa gift we got, as part of the Web Comic Secret Santa Exchange, from Sam Orchard, creator of the webcomic Rooster Tails.


We participated as well, making this crossover pic for the comic Between Hay and Grass.

Cute kids and robots FTW!

Cute kids and robots FTW!

Anyways, it looks like I have ~3 more pieces of guest art to post, and that we’ll be launching Chapter 12 on the 16th of January. That’s the current plan at least :) You can see the cover and some pages already if you check out our Patreon :)

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Dec 2016


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As part of the SpiderForest Secret Santa, we got this guest art from D.D. Randall, creator of a couple of different postapocalyptic-ish comics!


Click me….

We also GAVE one, to postapocalyptic comic 6-Commando, which you should really check out if you haven’t yet.

In other news, Chapter 12 is humming along. Join in on Patreon if you want to see sneak peeks XD  W also posted another webcomic review on a fun paranormal investigator comic you might enjoy.

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