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Call for Guest Strips: 12-1-14

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Hey everyone!  At the end of Chapter 4 we’re wanting to take a little bit of a hiatus (2-4 weeks, probably) to give Seba a bit of a breather (don’t want him to burn out artistically!) and build our buffer up even more.  But I don’t want to stop posting TDA related content in that time.  So along with me continuing with “Wednesday Spotlights” and “Why I Read” reviews, and writing some more Lore and Science posts, I’d like to get some Guest Strips to post :)

Here are my thoughts/conditions/incentives, etc.

* I would specifically like to get humorous strip ideas.  Our comic is often quite a downer, and I’d love to see what jokes, gags, funny situations, etc, you all can come up with using our characters and setting.  I included the strip I commissioned from artist Ethan Kocak (Air Conditioning) as the featured image above to give you an idea of what I mean.  Other examples include Marius’ “Shadowpuppets“, Ian Oakely’s “Vault Boy“, and Carl Schulz’s “Rescue Mission“.

* Try to keep the strips PG-13.  Really, just read our comic, and make sure your strip isn’t more mature than our content.

* Ownership of characters, etc, legal blah blah, fan arts you give us belong to us.  You will ALWAYS get credit as the creator of said strip, though, no matter how we present it.  That said, we would still ok it with you, if for example, we wanted to print a “Demon Archives Funny Pages” or something and include your work.

* I’m not picky about “quality”, style or anything.  All submissions will be spotlighted, and we will link back to and promote whatever site the creator of said strip wishes.  In fact, you can send us a leaderboard banner (728×90 style) advertising your comic, etc, and we will post it in the creator commentary section below the guest strip.

* Guest strips need to be AT LEAST 1000 pixels wide.  Bigger is always better for quality’s sake, as I can resize the image smaller if needed.

* If you have funny ideas for a gag strip but not the artistic skills, let me know anyway, and maybe I can get an artist friend or Seba to draw it up briefly :)

Other than that, go crazy!  Mimic our style, use your own, throw in cameo characters, whatever!  One panel to multi-panel strips/pages are welcome.  The Hiatus, and Guest week(s) will begin on December 1st, 2014, so I’d obviously need your entry before then.

Interested?  Email Dan at dan at demonarchives dot com.  Questions?  Leave ’em below.

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