Apr 2019

Agent G, by Micah Weltsch

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Hey everyone!

It’s been about a month, time for a new post ;)

New in the life of Dan: I think I’m going to ultimately become a Pediatrician, maybe a Pediatric Oncologist. And we just had a new baby girl! :D

New in the life of the comic: Seba is still pretty busy with a bunch of other paying projects, but thinks he’ll be able to get back to drawing more soon. I also updated the previous post to include the full image instead of just the teaser to the humanitarian campaign.

This piece was commissioned (thank you patreon supports for continuing to give me commissions monies!) of Micah Weltsch of the webcomic The Sparrow. Our favorite mystery spy, Agent G, up to some, ahem, clandestine nighttime activities, perhaps? XD



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Apr 2019

SpiderForest Yemen Charity Zine

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EDIT: The campaign has ended, but you can continue to donate to this important humanitarian cause at the link below. I’ve edited the image for this post to be the full commissioned artwork, which was made by Kelverse.

Hey everybody!

Got an important thing to share, and a chance for you to see some great art of our characters as well as a TON of other comic art.

We participated in a fundraising drive for the Word Food Program USA to support the Yemen Humanitarian Crisis. I commissioned a super cute art piece of Lily, Janebot and Indira playing together to submit to the collection (over 50 illustrations), which you can get for any size donation.

Please donate!


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Mar 2019

Battered Tenzin, by CB Webb

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Hey everybody! Still alive. On Pediatrics now, getting over the first plague they gave me XD

Looks like we’re still on a monthlyish update post while Seba works on other creative and paying projects. I’ll try to update the site more with other content, but med school has me pretty busy, and then I have a new baby on the way any week now on top of that :D

This guest art was made by good friend CB Webb, creator of the webcomic Blanco.

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Jan 2019

Tenzin, by Woodrow Eliot

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Hey all! I’m still alive. Started my Psychiatry clerkship rotation, which has been interesting. Probably not my area of interest, ultimately, but still good.

Seba’s been busy (you should check out the great stuff he’s making on his twitter!), but we’re still working on the next Chapter :)

Enjoy this guest art of Tenzin from Woodrow Eliot.

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