Apr 2016

Intermission: Essence of Nightshade

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Starting off our inter-chapter hiatus is an entry in another Thalia Gordon story by guest writer Josh Connor.  You may have already read The Undying Voice of Julius Gordon and Mirage (if not, rectify that now), so prepare to feast upon Essence of Nightshade, told in several parts in the next few weeks.

These stories are 99.9% canonical and fairly plot relevant, as well as EXCELLENTLY written, so I strongly encourage you all to read them :)

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Dec 2015

Intermission: Holiday Hiatus – Guest Art

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I’ll update this post with the various intermission things I post, changing the image each time and linking them in the post as I do.

First up is this poster of Tenzin and Indira.

Next is this piece of Tenzin and Lily.

And now this fun drawing of an indignant Jane.

The first of a set of Lily and Janebot drawings, by a mysterious John Doe stranger friend!

Interrupting our regularly scheduled Lily and Janebot drawings, I give you “Deathbot Wants Hugs” :D

Another Lily and Janebot guest art!


Thanks to everyone who made us some excellent guest art :D

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Aug 2015

Intermission 2 of 4: Caption Contest 2015

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That’s right, first part of the hiatus events is a Caption Contest.  We’re looking to all you excellent readers to come up with the best captions for this strip Seba drew.

Funny, serious, whatever tickles your fancy!  The “best” one(s) (I retain the right to arbitrarily decide, although community voting will be considered) will get prizes like wallpapers and downloadables and whatnot.


  • Keep it PG-13 and inoffensive (no racist, sexist, anything-ist jokes, please).
  • Try to keep it in character.
  • You can either submit just the text or download the image file and add your text to it.
  • Submit it as a comment so people can vote on it, AND/OR email it to me at dan at demonarchives dot com.
  • You CAN submit up to 3 captions for consideration.
  • I’ll declare the winner(s) NEXT Monday, the 31st of August.

That’s about it for rules, beyond the Number 1 rule of I’m the boss and what I say, goes ;)

So let’s hear your jokes and ideas :D

EDIT: We also got a nice shoutout on The Awesome Comics podcast, at about timestamp 83:45 or so!

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