Aug 2015

Intermission 2 of 4: Caption Contest 2015

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That’s right, first part of the hiatus events is a Caption Contest.  We’re looking to all you excellent readers to come up with the best captions for this strip Seba drew.

Funny, serious, whatever tickles your fancy!  The “best” one(s) (I retain the right to arbitrarily decide, although community voting will be considered) will get prizes like wallpapers and downloadables and whatnot.


  • Keep it PG-13 and inoffensive (no racist, sexist, anything-ist jokes, please).
  • Try to keep it in character.
  • You can either submit just the text or download the image file and add your text to it.
  • Submit it as a comment so people can vote on it, AND/OR email it to me at dan at demonarchives dot com.
  • You CAN submit up to 3 captions for consideration.
  • I’ll declare the winner(s) NEXT Monday, the 31st of August.

That’s about it for rules, beyond the Number 1 rule of I’m the boss and what I say, goes ;)

So let’s hear your jokes and ideas :D

EDIT: We also got a nice shoutout on The Awesome Comics podcast, at about timestamp 83:45 or so!

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Aug 2015

Intermission 1 of 4: Minerva Organizational Info Sheet

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A lot of you might have already seen this info sheet on Patreon or by voting on TWC, but I decided I want it in the comic archive as well for posterity ;)

Forgot to tell you the chapter ended, btw.  We’re starting a bit of hiatus, which I’ll talk more about on Monday.  I’ll still be posting stuff at least every update day, including a caption contest, fan art, guest comics, and trailers for other cool comics.  Not to mention previews of Chapter 8 as Seba works on building up the buffer, and whatever Lore and Science articles I write (you’ve seen those, right, up in the menu under Extras? There are articles about the founding of Minerva and each of these 3 groups).


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May 2015

The First Demon Archives Scavenger Hunt

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6/4/15 Edit: Ok, here is the link to the google form where you can answer questions based on the cards you found and earn entries in the raffle prize drawing!

6/1/15 Edit: I’m going to be uploading another 10 cards today, some in even SNEAKIER places you might not expect, but where we still have an official presence ;)

Alright, the first ever DA Scavenger hunt is here!

This will run for the next week and a half, with Chapter 7 starting up on June 8th, if you don’t want to play.  I think you will though, because not only will you get cool tidbits of information, you’ll have a chance to win fun prizes :D

The rules are these:

  1. I will be posting cards like this around the interwebs on all our various social media pages and what have you:

    Here, a freebie for you ;)

    Here, a freebie for you ;)

  2. At the end of the scavenger hunt I will post the link to a quiz, the answers to which you will find on these cards, as well as by exploring features of the site beyond the comic (the Extras tab above would be a good place to start).
  3. I RECOMMEND that when you find a card you download the file, as the quiz is “open book” :)
  4. I’m going to begin posting cards today, but they won’t all show up at once and the ones that are up will probably switch around the halfway point, so check back ;)
  5. You are welcome to talk amongst yourselves and discuss where you’ve found cards or not, as you wish.
  6. Each correct answer gets you an entry in the drawing for prizes.
  7. There WILL be a participation prize.
  8. You can also earn entries by Liking, Following, whatever the term for interacting with us on each social media is.  Take a screenshot and/or tell us the username you’re interacting with is, and that will earn you a bonus entry.

I think that’s it?  Let me know if you have questions and I will clarify and add to the rules.

And because I’m such a nice guy, oh look, I bet there’s no way I would post any cards on THESE sites right here ;)

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Mar 2015

Intermission: Meet Thalia Gordon

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Hey all! I figured that between chapters would be a good time to spotlight some short stories written by guest writer Josh Connor.  He’s previously written The Undying Voice of Julius Gordon, and we are now beginning to post the second story focusing on Thalia (who will be a character in the main comic story at some point, like Chapter 10-11), called Mirage.

Check them out!

Chapter 6 will start on Monday.

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