May 2014

SHE – A Fanfiction – by Marisa

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As part of my rewards for supporting the Webcomic Underdogs Kickstarter a couple (several?) months ago, I got a fanfiction and a fanart from Marisa Brenizer and Michael Yakutis.  This one is based on the 2013 film her, and shows Tenzin and Jane’s first encounter.  It’s so good, it may become canon :D I’ve attached it as a PDF below, because that works better and keeps it’s visual format much nicer than I could otherwise.  Check it out and let me know what you think about it becoming canonical ;) SHE

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Apr 2014

Tenzin & Twinkie, by Ethan Kocak

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Ethan Kocak, creator of the hilarious webcomic The Black Mudpuppy, made me this sweet bit of fan art after I pledged on his Patreon page.  It’s Jane trying to trick Tenzin into eating the last known twinkie in existence!

Thanks, Ethan!  All of you should go give his webcomic a look through.  It’s pretty funny.  Especially the Hitlersauros chapter ;)

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Jul 2013

Dating Game: Rasputin Barxotka

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Hey all!  Not only do I have this lovely bit of fan art from Vas Littlecrow Wojtanowicz, I have the pleasure to present a crossover of The Demon Archives vs Rasputin Barxotka.  This was inspired by Crossover Dating Service Diary Game on the Webcomic Underdogs forum, where Vas and I planned it. It features our very own  Jane, and Hielope Aquaria, a water succubus/creepy giant aquatic demon from Hell :)  See the other half of the story (from Hielope’s perspective) here.

Written by Daniel Sharp with assistance from Rev. Vas Littlecrow Wojtanowicz.
All characters from Rasputin Barxotka are copyright VAS Littlecrow

EDIT:  Just to clarify, this isn’t quite canonical, but it would have occurred less than a year before Jane and Tenzin first started working together, and about 3-4 years before the events of Chapter 1.

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