Mar 2015

Google Analytics for Webcomics

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I was recently talking to some comic creator friends on Twitter about using Google Analytics to evaluate website statistics, numbers, pageviews and etc.  GA is a very powerful tool, but the sheer size of it, with all its custom variables, settings, options and etc, can be off-putting and scary.  I know some people who just click on a couple of graphs, see some numbers, and then shrug because they don’t know what to do with it.  Well, I’m not an expert, but I do have enough experience that I feel comfortable giving a basic primer.

Also, in forewarning, I’m going to be using screenshots from my GA page, so if me sharing my site statistic numbers will make you weird and/or sad by comparing to mine, don’t look at them :P

EDIT: We’ve since found and corrected a double pageview counting glitch, so pageviews are up to twice as high, as are pages/session, and bounce rate %s are HORRIBLY off. I’ll replace the images once we have enough non-glitchy data.

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Feb 2015

VATMOSS, Webcomics and Patreon

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VATMOSS.  It’s new, it sounds scary, and it’s hecka complicated.  There have been a lot of posts and discussions about what this might mean, including the comic featured above that was created by Dave Walker.

British reader, twitter follower, and all around awesome guy Amaaré wrote up an excellent post explaining some of the elements of VATMOSS that is currently scaring all of us US internet content creators.  He also talks a bit about how this should apply to using Patreon, along with some ideas on what we can do.

UPDATE (more details at bottom of post): TL;DR, Patreon has confirmed they’re going to handle VAT so creators don’t have to.

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