Jun 2014

Viktor, by Sonya Somers

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With a little bit of the Patreon money we’ve been getting from some of you awesome fans, I was able to commission a tribute painting of Viktor by Canadian friend and artist Sonya Somers, of the webcomic Zukahnaut.  She did a great, quick job with lots of updates and willingness to find out what I wanted.  If you want a sketch/artwork done, you should check out her commissions page :D

Anyways, I like this sketch a lot, as it captures part of Viktor that we weren’t able to show in Chapters 1-3.  Enjoy, and let me know your thoughts :D

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Apr 2012

Viktor, by MJ Barros

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MJ Barros made this nice sketch of Viktor for us.  I think it fits him in his early years decently well, actually.