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Jun 2017

Tenzin the Piggy, by Bevis

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Sorry posting this so late! I had an important thesis committee meeting today for my PhD. It… didn’t go that well.

This fan art was made byBevis, a reader on our Russian translation mirror and a forum commenter. It’s a play on a classic Russian meme, “Peter the Piglet“, and I like it :D

In cool local news…



That’s right, my test copies arrived! One for me, Nick, and Seba, with TWO bonus ones… ;)

Keep an eye out for more Kickstarter print run news! I’m hoping to have it running at the start of July, coinciding with us coming back from hiatus!

  • DeNitro

    Demon Archives on Pulp! Woo-hoo, Now that’s fiction looking good.. :-)

  • Moxie

    Sorry to hear things didn’t turn out satisfactorily. Hopefully maybe you’re being just a bit pessimistic & hypercritical. Strength & courage, faith & luck!

  • T.R.

    Oooh Oooh! Can I be a bonus proofreader? PleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePlease? :)

    As a demonstration of my mad nit-picking skills: On the cover, the helmeted Keleres (Cowboy? Or just generic? Underlying image doesn’t let me zoom enough to confirm) is carrying a weapon that looks off – same issue that we noticed when Rick entered Angeline’s lab in Chap 11: the underslung barrel of the grenade launcher catches the eye and makes the weapon look like a 25mm rifle/cannon. (which is probably a good thing to have when fighting Deathbots, but I digress) I think it’s due to the upper barrel narrowing for the last 6-8 cm or so.
    And not much of an outside margin on the left page.

    Now I’ll shut up so you can take my money! :)

    • Heh, I’ll probably end up doing an impersonal raffle or something XD

      In terms of proofreading, it’s all on the website ;P Although I did discover I’d missed a page, so these are super bonus MISPRINT edition books XD

      • T.R.

        I’m not surprised, but I figured that asking first (and being the first to ask) wouldn’t hurt. :)

  • T.R.

    In the fan art, is that line through the word Minerva supposed to be a slashout? (e.g. like the Ghostbusters logo) Or is that something different with a Russian/European context?

    • My understanding (and @disqus_8XKHAw4roh:disqus can correct me) is that it is a slashout. In the original it says Russia, slashed out, indicating the desire to nope out of the country.

      • Amberlight

        Yep. In Russian roadsigns you’d have a sign with city/town/whatever else’s name at it’s border – clean from outside (“Welcome!”) and slashed out from the inside (“You are leaving this location”).

  • Moxie

    I just took a closer look at the photos. Top left page caught my eye and this came to mind…

  • Honza Prchal

    Good luck going forward with the Ph.D. … and Pyotr Prase (Peter the Pig) may also be a play on socialist realism and magical realism, all at once.