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Mar 2018

The Beauty Sleeping in the Void

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Thanks to Lorenzo Vicente, creator of the comic Toward’s Eden, with whom I wrote and made this comic for the Ever Afterward Community Anthology. We have got some honorable mentions, and I was voted Best Writer :)

While that’ll be going to print/kickstarter this summer, I feel like it’s about time to post it here on the site!

I present to you, The Beauty Sleeping in the Void.

TBSitV-1 TBSitV-2 TBSitV-3 TBSitV-4

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  • BowenTheKotoc

    Dang, man, that’s pretty dark.

    • The anthology DID ask us to reimagine classic fairy tales ;)

      • BowenTheKotoc

        Well done. It was good.

      • Matt [in Middletown]

        Little red riding hood next?
        Pinnochio as a flesh stealing android?
        Who knows…

  • Jeff Hutchins

    Love it. It has a real Firefly type cheerful criminality.

    • Twas the goal XD

      • Honza Prchal

        And you’re a physician! Good thing you don’t work in hospice! Kidding. Fiction, obviously.