• Nice exo / endo view. Makes me wonder if terms like vambrace, rerebrace, and gorget will be surfacing! Never mind, may be spoilery.

    • Hehe, they might in technical documents, but not too often in the dialogue ;)

      Hope to read more comments from you :D

  • This is indeed a super slick cover!

  • Meran Ni Cuill

    Very practical of you to show the codpiece accessibility. This isn’t usually noted, which has always bugged me. 😊

    • There’s no way Tenzin would let himself get suited up in something that required a diaper ;)

      Tho later suit models might have more…invasive technology instead XD

      • Meran Ni Cuill


      • for the particularly dedicated i’d recommend a Mitroffanoff procedure, and then a catheter through the belly-button will work just fine.