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  • Matt [in Middletown]

    Colick, ugh.
    Good luck.

    • We rented a magical robot nanny crib called a Snoo that has been helping some :D

      • DeNitro

        Is that a high tech version of the portable sleeper swing we used almost three decades ago with our son,, you could get one with electric drive but, I liked how the crank up spring would stop a hour or so after he was sound asleep.

        • Heh basically XD

          • DeNitro

            The Snoo looks like a step in the right direction. I get it as a parent, you just want them safe and happy. I hope it has alerts that quietly keep you posted, I think I awoke my son at least three times a day checking on him. That’s really bad with a one hour process to get them back to sleep.

          • Oh yeah between the baby monitor and the Snoo app we’re definitely connected :)

  • Delta-v

    That gunchair should be a thing. ^^

    • DeNitro

      I’m going to say, it might become canon… 😆

      • Delta-v

        XD XD

        • Canon cannons.

          • DeNitro

            There it is, it was acknowledged by the author. A gun chair with cannon is,, canon. 😂

            Look out Deathbots, Thousands of wounded troops will be getting back into the fight in massive clouds of gun chairs…

      • Matt [in Middletown]

        Viktor Golovanov starring in:

        Droogan From Above!

        • DeNitro

          Now you’re gonna need a theme song,, or maybe just add loud speakers to the chair to play it Apocalypse Now style. 👍

      • p0indexterous

        20mm canon.

    • Jim Haas

      Viktor is so cool he doesn’t even need a seatbelt!

      • Delta-v

        He holds himself in place by will alone. ^^

        • Necrophage

          Viktor DOES look suspiciously like Chuck Norris…

          • I can neither confirm nor deny Viktor’s ancestry… ;)

      • I mean what’s the worst that could happen, he falls and gets paralyzed? XD