Awesome art made by fans and fellow artists.

  • Sebastián Píriz

    This is great, everything. I love it

    • I know right? :D

      I think I may have found the artist for the “Demon Archives: the Sitcom” if we ever do them ;)

      • Sebastián Píriz

        I wanna draw red eyes Jane! she looks really scary ( and more considering that the comic itself has a very friendly style)

        • Sebastian Grey

          Friendly? Friendly?! Demonzombiecyborgs notwithstanding, I’d assume?

          • “the comic itself” is referring to THIS guest comic, not the comic as a whole :P

          • Sebastian Grey

            Okay, now I just feel stupid. But yes, great comic!

      • Adriano #WR

        Do you mean “Demon Friends” ? This show was eeeeeexcellent !

  • NickDA

    Really wonderful, stylized like his own art, but still incredibly recognizable… love it.

  • Nate the Robot

    Now THAT is a practical joke!


  • Delta-v

    I can totally see Jane doing that. :D

  • Adriano #WR

    “What kind of sites are they talking about ?” said no one ever xD

    • Sebastián Píriz

      it is said that Minerva downloaded ALL the internet before the fallout. no one knows yet how they cataloged it

      • Adriano #WR

        ALL the Internet ? Daaaamn. It must be full of nasty things !

  • Not gonna lie, my favorite panel is the third one. But Jane’s Hal9000 prank was glorious nonetheless.

  • Matt [in Middletown]

    And I already used my Mortal Jane .bat joke on yesterdays strip.

  • Hipopótamo

    Jane HAL ha ha ha! And the “Those kind of sites” us priceless!!!

  • Adriano #WR

    Damn xD

  • Ydo Ucare

    This is so great! The characters are spot on.

  • Haha – really love the rendering in that second panel and the Hal reference

  • Purphoros

    I have to protect myself! But how… Oh, I know! I’ll activate the self-destruction! Yay!

  • Henrik Svantesson

    Silly Tenzin, if she wanted you or anyone else dead you’d die without ever knowing who was behind it. :D