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Nov 2013

Webcomic Underdogs Spotlight

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This last week we were proud to be spotlit by a great online webcomic creators group, The Webcomic Underdogs.  We’ve been a part of their group for nearly a year now, and have benefited a lot from their support and collaboration.  Sarah Driffill who wrote the Birkenhain Journal is an Underdog, as are some of the great artists who made us some sweet fan art.

The spotlight entailed a pretty nice promotional post, an interview with the 3 of us, and some more fan art.  There’s even a thread on their facebook page about an earlier spotlight they did for us.

We got some pretty good feedback.  Mostly of the “Dang, Seba’s art is so sweet!” and “The website is confusing/poorly set up” variety.  With regards to the first, Seba is indeed hecka awesome, but I try too! ;)  Nah, I kid.  I got some compliments on the story too.  Nick is working on the website.  You’ll have noticed that we have a new website now.  It is still a little bare bones in places, but the theme and backend should give us the flexibility we want to make it work.  We’ll keep working on it, and always appreciate more critiques and ideas from anyone who has one.

Thanks Underdogs!