Oct 2014

Why I Read: Think Before You Think

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Hi, everybody. It’s Delta-v again, and I’m back with another wecomic I like to read. The premise for this comic is quite possibly the most disquieting premises I’ve come across. The author and artist Sylvia Odhner gave me permission, so let’s dive in to Think Before You Think.



Have you ever wondered what life would really be like if you, or someone you knew could actually read minds? Not a magician’s trick, but the real thing?

Think Before You Think follows the sometimes prickly interactions between Brian Danes (the mind reader), his friend Julia (aka Jules), Brian’s roommate Isaac, Julia’s roommate Becky,and some others whose role is a bit to spoiler-y to talk about here, as they deal with Brian’s ability. Sylvia rather deftly explores the possibilities that the situation offers.



How I Found It:

I clicked on an InkOutbreak ad, because it looked interesting.  You can also find Think Before You Think on Facebook and Twitter.


Why I Like It:

Think before You Think is one of the most honest examinations of how the ability to read minds would affect relationships, even friendships, that I’ve read. I don’t know how many psychology courses Sylvia has had, but I’ve had a smatteting, and from what I can see, she’s dead on with her character’s motivations, reactions, and quirks.

So how does Sylvia handle all this weighty material? Hilariously. Think Before You Think isn’t a laugh-a-page comic because there are some very dramatic scenes that unfold, but when the comic is funny, it’s really funny, so funny that I frequently laugh out loud while reading.


Brian may be the main character, but Sylvia frequently tells the story from the viewpoint of one of the other characters, quite often Julia’s. I like this technique, because it rounds out the other characters and makes them three-dimensional, not just props for Brian.

Sylvia stacks the deck a teensy bit by making Brian a really nice person instead of a jerk. He practically lives the Superhero Code, and even goes out of his way to do good deeds.


The others are pretty nice also (well, Becky’s kind of a pain, sometimes), and all this niceness serves to give a clearer view of the downsides of being around a mind reader.

What if you were angry, or hurt, or jealous, and were ashamed to admit that you were? Or what if you had one of those thoughts, or were hiding something? There’s a lot more to the story than “That’s so cool”.

Sylvia has the fortunate ability to tell a story, and write well, too–not necessarily a given–and the artwork rounds things out nicely.


What Could Be Done Better:

I really suck at finding things I don’t like about things I like. I’m drawing another blank, here.  [Dan’s 2 cents.  Website stuff: it would be nice to be able to advance to the next page by clicking on the comic page itself.  That’s all I’ve got too, amazing stuff.]


Final Thoughts:

Think Before You Think is a great, interesting, and funny read that, sadly, too few people even know exists. I think you’d find it rewarding, and a lot of fun.  Also, while you’re there, please consider voting for it on Top Web Comics. This is one hidden jewel that deserves to be in the sun.

  • NickDA

    Awesome premise… just read through about an hour of it… Woot

  • Good job, @disqus_YXP2bgiR4G:disqus. I often end up reading through the archives and subscribing to all the comics you recommend :D

  • I actually binge-read this comic after seeing it on your list of comics you enjoy in you interview, way back. It’s a really intriguing take on how telepathy might affect people in real life. It also made me research telepathy not long after to see if there’s any possibility that it could be real, because I am hopelessly paranoid, but that’s beside the point. The relationship dynamics are remarkably genuine, even with the fantastic premise behind it all.

    • Apparently neither tinfoil or lead helmets will help you ;)

      I’m glad I got @disqus_YXP2bgiR4G:disqus to do these, it’s been a fun way to discover new comics :D

      • Delta-v

        Thought waves are omnidirectional. You’d need to wrap your whole body in tinfoil. O.o

        I’m gad you talked me into it too. Until I actually did one, I had no idea that I could.

        • Turns out you’ve got quite a talent with words :)

    • Delta-v

      I’ve been reading through your “links” list, also, and finding all kinds of interesting stuff. i won’t poach any, just in case you get inspired again, but I’m really enjoying them. :)